Household energy storage system

Household Energy Storage System


The intelligent information age has greatly increased the demand for electricity, which in turn has forced people to seek green power generation due to severe environmental pollution and energy consumption. Solar photovoltaic power is expected to relieve this pressure.


With lower power generation costs, energy storage systems are becoming more and more popular. Aokly customizes professional home solar energy solutions for our customers to simplify the design and improve system reliability. Please contact us for more information about solar energy solutions for home!


The household energy storage system is currently divided into two kinds, grid-connected and off-grid. The grid-connected household energy storage system for photovoltaic energy storage is mixed-powered by solar and the energy storage system, including five parts: solar array, Grid-connected inverter, BMS (battery management system), battery pack, and AC load.


Photovoltaic grid-connected system: When the utility works normally, the solar grid-connected system and the utility together power the load. When the utility powers off, the energy storage system and the solar grid-connected system together power the load.