Traction battery

Traction Battery


The traction battery packs can be made from 2 volt cells or 4, 6, 8 and 12V monoblocks. It is widely used as a power source for material handling equipment or electric propulsion in applications, including road vehicles, locomotives, industrial forklifts, automatic guided vehicles, mechanical handling equipment (MHE), and so on, to deliver every piece of your material quickly and safely in place. 


Our forklift battery supply meets DIN and BS standards and is strong enough to start your handling vehicle and stably drive heavy materials. The lead acid forklift battery has extreme temperature tolerance, which can effectively be adapted to outdoor environments and provide constant and powerful power for outdoor work. 


We are a leading forklift battery supplier owning a forklift battery factory with many years of forklift battery manufacture experience. Our industrial forklift batteries include the lithium battery for forklift, forklift lithium battery, etc. 


As one of the professional forklift battery manufacturers in China, our traction battery pack is available for maintenance-free applications. And it can achieve 1500 cycles on average when operated to 80% depth of discharge, which is the same performance as most batteries made in Europe.