Transportation Power

Transportation Power

Clean and efficient energy is widely used in automobiles, new energy vehicles, ships, traction locomotives, etc

01.Car Battery

Aokly Power is not only a battery supplier for many domestic and foreign automotive enterprises, but also a designated partner for batteries of bus systems in many domestic first-line cities. Each high-safety starting battery is derived from the high-standard production environment of Aokly Power.

Starts and stops series

Adopt high-purity materials, patented technology formula,flame retardant materials, optimized sealing structure, fireproof and explosion-proof! Among them, the AGM start-stop battery cold cranking amperes (CCA)is 30% higher than that of normal flooded battery, and has strong starting performance; the partial charge and deep cycle performance of the EFB start-stop battery is twice that of the normal flooded battery, supporting the engine to start more frequently, and Extended idle time.

02.EV&EVF Series

The use of high-purity raw materials, tightly assembled structures, multi-alloy grids, and lead paste formulations have effectively improved the life of the battery and made it have superior deep cycle performance, showing the obvious advantage of sufficient power in starting and climbing the vehicle.

It is widely used in Electiric vehicle, golf carts, electric patrol cars, electric cleaning cars, electric sightseeing cars, electric police cars, electric leisure cars, etc.

03.Marine Battery

Special for ships, mainly used for starting, ignition and lighting of internal combustion engines on ships and offshore platforms. China Classification Society (CCS) ship inspection certification products, large output power, small self-discharge, strong starting and durable

04.Traction Forklift battery

The traction forklift battery adopts the Barton lead powder machine and lead powder manufacturing process to make the oxidation degree and visual density high, which can ensure high-power discharge of the battery and has long service life, 80% DOD cycle discharge can reach more than 1500 times; the positive plate adopts the extrusion paste process to effectively improve the conductivity, corrosion resistance, lead paste bonding and battery consistency of the plate; the negative plate is the patent design of Aokly and adopts a concave-convex structure to mprove the strength of the plate and the shock resistance of the battery.