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Since 1996, Aokly has been engaged in manufacturing and developing top-quality storage batteries. As a professional solution provider of energy storage system, we provide distributed energy solutions for a wide range of fields, such as the automobile, electric vehicle, tourist car, marine equipment, aviation, military, railway, UPS, telecom, electric power system, solar power system, wind power system, etc. 


Aokly owns one of the largest production bases for lead acid and lithium batteries in south China, with an area of 500acres and a 13million KVA production capacity. Moreover, as one of the leading Chinese battery brands in China, we have a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets, and more than 50% of the sale is for overseas market.


We offer a variety of storage battery products, including lithium-ion batteries, industrial SLA batteries, traction batteries, automotive batteries, and so on. Of course, being one of the specialized renewable energy solution providers, we also provide digital solutions for wind energy problems, domestic wind power alternative home energy solutions, solar energy solutions for home, etc.