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One dream,One way

Date: 2022-03-11 Share:

To strengthen communication and collaboration among team members,mobilize the enthusiasm of our staff,Aokly Power organized a series of team development activities  in July to enhance the overall quality of our team.

From July 24 to 27, Sales Department 2 went to Neimenggu province for development training, such as "the discussion and sharing of the automobile aftermarket", "how to build wolf team" and so on, which constantly injected new ideas and new perspectives into our sales team.

A total of 46 staffs from sales department 1 and sales department 3 carried out a two-days team building activities on July 27th.Team members cooperate with each other and work together to overcome one seemingly impossible task after another.

Through the tasks, everyone is deeply thought transposition thinking,effective communication, division of labor & cooperation, execution, etc.