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Lithium-ion Battery For Transportation Power System

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Today, with the rapid changes in technology, energy storage systems are vital for many electric devices. The clean and efficient energy source is widely used in automobiles, new energy vehicles, ships, traction locomotives and more.



Car Battery

How to find the best car battery supplies is always a hot topic. Besides choosing reliable, professional lithium car battery companies to work with, what are the important factors to consider?


Check compatibility: You may feel regret when the battery fails to deliver the required performance. Therefore, checking and making sure that the battery is compatible with your car model is an important first step.


Car Battery


Size and Weight: You should make sure that the car battery fits perfectly into the battery storage space of your car by measuring the size of the area where to place the battery. In addition, a lightweight, high-performance car battery will also help minimize load and increase portability.


Power: Power is one of the most significant points in a lithium-ion car battery, and you should make sure that the lithium car battery can deliver the power that your vehicle needs. Keeping your vehicle will maintain high performance and allow you to experience smooth operation - checking the battery's amperage rating and calculating your vehicle's power requirements.



Golf Cart Lithium Battery

Aokly golf cart lithium battery effectively increases the life of the battery and gives it superior deep cycle performance. The distinct advantages make the electric vehicle start and climb hills with sufficient power. They are widely used in electric cars, golf carts, electric patrol cars, electric cleaning cars, electric sightseeing cars, electric police cars, electric recreational vehicles, etc.


Golf Cart Lithium Battery


Can you use a car battery in a golf cart?

Yes, but it is not recommended because they are used for different purposes that will have some limitations.


Lack of power is the most obvious problem. Car batteries are mainly used to start cars, so they are not usually high-power. In contrast, the golf cart lithium battery should have a high capacity because they need to start up and provide constant energy for driving. In addition, the deep cycle performance of the car battery is not as good as the golf cart lithium battery.



Marine Battery

The marine starter battery is similar to the car battery, giving the engine a burst of power when the boat starts, whether you are sailing at sea or on a motorboat. They can withstand the harshest marine conditions, but are not suitable for handling continuous or frequent discharge/charge cycles.


best AGM deep cycle marine battery


And the best AGM deep cycle marine battery is perfect for long periods of power supply, delivering powerful, continuous, reliable power. Whether your engine is running or not, the best AGM deep cycle marine battery will continue to provide long-lasting, powerful power to your ship and all accessories.


Aokly, as one of the leading marine battery suppliers in China, offers a wide range of marine batteries to support the internal combustion engine starting, ignition, lighting, etc. We supply China Classification Society (CCS) ship inspection-certified products with high output power, low self-discharge, strong starting power, and durability.



Traction Forklift Battery

The traction forklift battery controls the electric engine of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). The forklift lithium battery needs to have a high capacity-to-weight and volume ratio. Also, fast charging ability is essential for industrial forklift batteries in order to be available most of the time within 24 hours.


Traction Forklift Battery


The lithium battery for forklifts is different from starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries in that they are designed to maintain a power supply over time. Therefore, forklift battery supplies should use deep-cycle batteries with superior shock resistance rather than SLI batteries. Besides, traction battery suppliers should have high amp-hour limits in the forklift battery manufacturing and design process.



Final Word

This article provides a guide to lithium-ion batteries for transportation power systems from 4 different perspectives. Looking for reliable car battery suppliers? Aokly is one of the top car battery manufacturers in China. We offer the perfect transportation power system solution to improve vehicle performance. Please feel free to contact us at for more information!