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Aokly Group—Dubai Customer Appreciation Meeting 2023

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Thank you for your company, hand in hand to create the future

On the evening of October 4, 2023, the night sky in Dubai was starry, with the theme of "Grateful to have you with us, join hands to create the future", Aokly held a grand customer appreciation banquet at Frankfurt Dubai Exhibition. Nearly 100 guests from the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe gathered at Hilton in Dubai.

Mr. Shao Shuangxi, President of the Group, delivered a speech.He said Aokly's first overseas Customer Appreciation Meeting was held in Dubai. Thanks to all customers for your participation. And he also shared the development history of Aokly over the past 27 years and explain the past, present and future of Aokly Group in detail to our customers. In-depth analysis of the meaning, mission and culture of Aokly so that customers have a comprehensive understanding of Aokly Group. Secondly, Mr. Shao Shuangxi, president, also gave a comprehensive presentation of five upgrades of Aokly's talent, management, supply chain, hardware and software. We should pay special attention to product quality, emphasize that quality is the life of Aokly ,but also the life of customers.All Oakley members should constantly strive for high quality.Finally, Mr. Shao Shuangxi, President of the Group, gave a comprehensive introduction to the group's new products and the mission of driving the future of green energy in Aokly. Every customer has a dream and a future. Aokly Battery realize your dreams, make your future.

Ms. Maggie, General Manager of International Division of Aokly Group, delivered a speech and announced the list of awarded partners in 2023. Thanks to all customers for their consistent support and cooperation with Oakley Group. At the meeting, Mr. Shao Shuangxi, President of the Group, awarded four overseas platinum loyal customers and awarded the Platinum Loyal Cooperative Customer Award. The four customers come from different regions of the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, and their efforts and efforts are indispensable to the overseas promotion of the Aokly brand. Platinum loyal customers, who have worked with Aokly for more than 10 years, have also made every effort to move Aokly products into a dominant position in the market. Has made a significant contribution to the development of the Aokly Group.

The customer representative gave a speech to share the story with Aokly, and the customer representative was shared by Mr.Hassan, the agent of Aokly brand in Ghana.His history with the Aokly Group. Mr.Hassan thanked Aokly Group for giving him the opportunity to speak on behalf of Aokly's partners and users. Thank Aokly for providing quality products, services and support. Mr.Hassan is a witness to the development of Aokly Group, and he is honored to be the partner of Aokly. He has cooperated with Aokly for more than ten years, and worked together for common development. He said that he was very happy to have lived with the Aokly Group.

The most exciting moment was the lottery. Aokly Group carefully prepared the award before the appreciation meeting, and presented Huawei Mate 60 Pro mobile phones, and 6 on-site customers were lucky to win. The appreciation banquet increased the surprise and joy of customers.

After the appreciation banquet, organize a group photo of all customers and Aokly participants. Mr. Shao Shuangxi, President, Ms. Maggie, General Manager of International Business Unit, Ms. Olivia, Marketing Manager, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia sales team of International Business Unit took a photo with all customers.

Aokly Group held a gala dinner at Hilton Dubai with a variety of food and beverage prepared in advance. Taking into account local eating habits and customs, Muslim meals, vegetarian meals, non-vegetarian meals, pastries and drinks are arranged. While enjoying the dinner, customers also actively interact and communicate, learn from and learn from the market development experience, and create a better future with Aokly.

The Dubai Appreciation Meeting was successfully concluded, and the customer is full of confidence and high recognition of Aokly, and is honored to be the partner of Aokly. For the first time, Aokly Group held a appreciation event in Dubai to expand the group's influence, enhance customer stickiness and ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the company. Aokly Group continues to adhere to the customer first service concept, keep pace with The Times, keep up with the changes in the automotive market industry, meet customer needs and preferences, quality and quantity delivery on time. Aokly thanks all customers for their long-term support and trust, through thick and thin, to forge ahead. Carry forward the Olympic spirit and drive a green energy future!