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2023 Annual Export Freight Service supplier bidding documents

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Guangdong Aokly Group is scheduled to conduct a public bidding for export freight forwarding business in April 2023. We hereby announce the relevant matters regarding the bidding and sincerely welcome qualified freight transportation agents to participate in the bidding.


一、Bidding content

  1. Freight forwarder for exporting lead-acid batteries and carp batteries (sea freight):estimated annual container volume of 2000 units per container;


二、Instructions to Bidders:

 1.A domestic agent company that is effectively registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China to handle international cargo transportation;

  2.Require a national first-class international freight transportation agency certificate;

  3.The registered capital of the company should not be less than 5 million  RMB;

  4.The company should have branches in Guangzhou/Shenzhen;

  5.The company should have rich experience in customs clearance;

  6.The company should have at least five years of practical experience in international transportation agency for lead-acid batteries and carp batteries, and must be able to handle the bulk shipment of carp batteries;

  7.The bidder must make a written commitment to accept a 2-month financial settlement period and have the ability to advance various expenses of 500000 RMB  or more;

  8.The bidder must make a written commitment to ensure that the electronic version of the customs declaration documents is retained for at least three years from the customs declaration date after winning the bid, and can provide us with the customs declaration documents at any time;

  9.The bidder shall make a written commitment to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of all bidding documents. If any false information is found, the bidding qualification will be cancelled;

  10.If the following situations occur, they will be treated as abandoned bids:

 a.Late delivery of bids;

 b.The bid is not stamped with an official seal or signed without the authorization of the legal representative;

 c.Failure to fill in the attachment of the bidding documents.


三、Explanation of bidding related matters

 1.Bid intention registration time:A bidding announcement will be issued on the company website from April 24th to May 5th in 2023. Enterprises intending to participate in the bidding must send us the qualification materials for the bidding application before May 6, 2023 for review. The materials include:

  (1)Scanned copies of business license, tax registration certificate, organizational code certificate, or a combination of three certificates;

  (2)Other materials that can prove the company's qualifications (such as road transportation permits, audit reportstax payment vouchersinsurance documents rating and award certificates etc.).Please provide electronic documents and paper documents with official seals for relevant information. Our company will complete the qualification review on May 10, 2023.


If you are interested in bidding, please contact us in a timely manner and inform us of your email address. After you pay the bid security and sign the Bid Security Agreement, we will send you the Invitation to Bid Notice and Bid Quotation. Thank you! Here is our contact information——





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