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1.5MWh lead solid state battery + lithium iron phosphate battery industrial and commercial storage demonstration project is connected to the grid and put into operation

Date: 2023-09-20 Share:

Guangdong Aokly Group has always been committed to integrating innovation and sustainability into the DNA of the company. We understand the evolving global energy landscape and the growing desire for clean, renewable energy. Therefore, we actively respond to the call of the country, through continuous breakthrough and innovation, committed to providing customers and society with the most forward-looking energy solutions.

  • Technological innovation:Our 1.5MWh integrated energy storage system represents the latest in technological innovation.
  • Sustainability commitment:Our energy storage systems reduce carbon emissions and bring economic benefits to businesses and customers.
  • Social benefit:We are actively involved in the balancing and management of power loads, contributing to the stability and reliability of the power system.